Five Nights at Freddy’s (1) The Silver Eyes

Authors – Scott Cawthorn & Kira Breed-WrisleyImage result for five nights at freddy's book

Age – 11+

It’s been 10 years since it happened. 10 years of putting it out of her mind, concentrating on everything but that time in her home town of Hurricane. But now Charlie and her friends have been invited to a type of memorial for the friend they all lost.

Michael died 10 years before in terrible circumstances, and his parents have set up a scholarship in his name for their local High School.

It seems wrong being back in Hurricane, but good to see her old friends after so long. Now, all about age 17, they are different, nearly adults. But they all share the same memories of that time at her father’s restaurant – Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria.

Inextricably drawn back to the place they all tried to forget, the animatronic robot animals her father built as part of the entertainment at Freddys are still there. And so is someone else. Someone who knows more than anyone else about the disappearance of their friend. Will they share his terrible fate?

This popular series is based around the video game of the same name released 2014. Perfect for fans of Stephen King’s It as a group of friends return to the horror of an event in their childhood. 

(Horror, Robots, Mystery, Murder, Friendship, Nostalgia, Grief, Courage, Fear, Freaky, Scary, Series)


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