Author – Penny MatthewsFinch - Penny Matthews

Age – 10+

Audrey is a nerd. She knows it, and her younger sister Chloe reminds her all the time.

Audrey loves birds. She learnt the latin names for birds at a young age and recites them to herself when she sees any bird on their new vineyard property, and the paddocks beyond. Their new neighbour, chatty and confident Mavis, also loves birds, but Audrey isn’t keen to go bird watching with her and her elderly friends. Now that would be nerdy.

One day, while exploring with Chloe (and watching birds, they spy a cave further inside a neighbour’s property. At first they go no further. They have been warned about trespassing in the country. But later when Audrey is alone, she ventures further.

She is surprised to find someone. He’s hiding. He’s got a secret, and his name is Finch.

He loves birds as much as her, and she finds his company relaxing. But who is he and where did he suddenly go?

With a secret, a mystery and feuding parents, this is a coming of age story. Audrey is learning about herself, her family and coming to terms with her new home and surroundings.

(New home, Family, Secret, Historical, Siblings, Sisters, Mystery, Birds, Bird watching, Geek, Ornithology)



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