The Peski Kids

Author – R A Spratt40798280

Illustrator – Erica Saleedo

Age – 7+

The Peski kids aren’t like other kids. Joe is the oldest, with a terrible stutter for no apparent reason who avoids any situation where he may have to talk and embarrass himself. His younger brother Fin seems normal until he’s anywhere near their younger sister April. They fight constantly. April is a firm feminist, argumentative, abrasive, rude, opinionated and keen on wrestling anyone who annoys her, (mostly Fin), and setting her dog on everyone else.

When they are told their mother isn’t at all who they think she is, and then asked to pack their bags in less than a minute or they may die, things start to get really interesting for the trio. They are sent to live with their father in a tiny town called Currawong. A jittery wreck with paranoia after learning who is wife really is; their dad has no idea they are coming, and no idea how to look after them.

The kids soon discover the town is even crazier than they are, worshipping cockroaches for the annual races and training them for the event. But someone is killing them off and the trio are soon under suspicion.

A zany, crazy, funny story about family, fears and how many ways you can kill a cockroach!

(Series, Siblings, Family, Secrets, Spies, Mystery, Humour, Funny, Crush)




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