At the End of Holyrood Lane

Author – Dimity PowellCover image - At The End Of Holyrood Lane

Illustrator – Nicky Johnston

Picture Book

Flick loves her home at the end of Holyrood Lane. She dances with butteflies, plays in the autumn leaves and soaks up the sunshine.

But sometimes a storm comes. Sometimes they aren’t too bad, but sometimes she hides from them to feel safe. It’s not until she decides to be brave and try something different that the storms seem to fade away.

A sensitive story about the ‘storms’ young children often face under domestic violence. Gorgeous.

(Domestic violence,  Fear, Family, Courage, Brave)


After the Fall

Author/Illustrator – Dan SantatAfter the Fall

Picture Book

Humpty Dumpty is famous for his fall and how he was put back together again. But not everything went back together the same as before. Now Humpty is frightened of heights and any accidents that might happen again.

But one day he decides he’s going to take back all the things he misses, and he begins to climb…

Brilliant. Love the story. Love the Illustrations.

(Resilience, Fear, Courage, Bravery, Bouncing back, Determination)

Brave as can be

Author – Jo WitekBrave as Can be: A Book of Courage

Illustrator – Christine Roussey

A little girl used to be scared of everything. Noises loud and small, creepy-crawlies, dogs and night monsters. But as she’s grown she’s slowly got used to these things, discovering ways to combat her fears. Instead of her imagination frightening her, she uses it to make things into adventures! The mountain of fears she had when she was little has now shrunk to a manageable size.

A hardback book with strong pages. Each page has a cutout to add to this delightful book.

(Fears, Scared, Frightened)

My Name is not Refugee

Author/Illustrator – Kate MilnerMy name is not Refugee COVER.indd

Picture Book

A small boy talking with his mum about having to leave his home and the journey they will have to make. A lovely story for young children to learn about refugee children and what they have to go through to find a home and safety.

(Refugee, Immigrant, Mother and son, Journey)

The Snow Lion

Author – Jim Helmore34324832

Illustrator – Richard Jones

Picture Book

In Caro’s new house, everything is white. Ceilings, walls and even the doors. But something is hiding in all that white. A new friend called The Snow Lion. He helps her settle in and encourages her to play with other children she sees outside. A gentle story about fitting in and meeting new people.

(Fitting in, Friendship, Brave, New places, New people)

Being Brave


         Title                                                                               Author / Illustrator

The Almost fearless Hamilton Squidlegger       Timothy Ering

Eric                                                                                 Chris Wormell

Brave as can be                                                          Jo Witek / Christine Roussey

Chin up, Charlie – be brave                                    Sarah Eason

Don’t be afraid                                                            Karma Wilson / Jane Chapman

Fly, Chick Fly                                                               Jeanne Willis / Tony Ross

Newton                                                                         Rory Tyger

Bramble the brave                                                    Amber Stewart / Layn Marlow