Author/Illustrator – Aree Chung35795921

Picture Book

At first the reds, blues and yellows lived together peacefully. But one day the reds decided they were better than the rest. This caused disharmony among them, until a new colour arrives and helps them see a new way.

A story of tolerance, acceptance and colour!

(Tolerance, Colour, Understanding, Acceptance)



OLDER TITLES                         

Title                                                    Author / Illustrator

The Importance of Green               Leonie Agnew

Crayon                                                 Simon Rickerty

The Colour Thief                              Gabriel Alborozo

Colour the Stars                               Dawn McMillan / Keinyo White

I do not eat the colour green        Lynne Rickards / Margaret Chamberlain

Yellow is my color star                  Judy Horacek