Felix’s New Skirt

Author – Kerstin BrichzinFelix's New Skirt (HB)

Illustrator – Igor Kuprin

Picture Book

Felix loves his big sister’s dresses, and especially skirts. When he wants to wear a red skirt on his first day of school, his parents suggest maybe pants would be best as some people won’t understand.

When Felix does get to wear his skirt to school, he’s the happiest he’s been. But the other kids laugh and the boys won’t play with him anymore.

Felix’s dad has the perfect solution. He wears his own skirt when he takes Felix to school. The parents and other children are so surprised. But it’s just the thing Felix needed to help his self-confidence and others intolerance.

(Diversity, Choices, Self-belief, Family, School)


After the Fall

Author/Illustrator – Dan SantatAfter the Fall

Picture Book

Humpty Dumpty is famous for his fall and how he was put back together again. But not everything went back together the same as before. Now Humpty is frightened of heights and any accidents that might happen again.

But one day he decides he’s going to take back all the things he misses, and he begins to climb…

Brilliant. Love the story. Love the Illustrations.

(Resilience, Fear, Courage, Bravery, Bouncing back, Determination)



Title                                                          Author / Illustrator

The Goblin Girl                                        Neil Irani / Park Yun

I wish I could roar                                  Tiziana Bendall-Brunello / John Bendall-Brunello