Felix’s New Skirt

Author – Kerstin BrichzinFelix's New Skirt (HB)

Illustrator – Igor Kuprin

Picture Book

Felix loves his big sister’s dresses, and especially skirts. When he wants to wear a red skirt on his first day of school, his parents suggest maybe pants would be best as some people won’t understand.

When Felix does get to wear his skirt to school, he’s the happiest he’s been. But the other kids laugh and the boys won’t play with him anymore.

Felix’s dad has the perfect solution. He wears his own skirt when he takes Felix to school. The parents and other children are so surprised. But it’s just the thing Felix needed to help his self-confidence and others intolerance.

(Diversity, Choices, Self-belief, Family, School)


The Pink Suitcase

Author – Susie Morgenstern34735174

Illustrator – Serge Bloch

Picture Book

When a baby boy is born, he is showered with gifts. But the one gift that causes the most consternation in the house is also his favourite. No matter how many ways his mother tries to hide it, baby Benjamin finds the bright pink suitcase his grandmother has bought him.

Years pass, and the bright pink suitcase travels through Benjamin’s life with him, giving him support and the strength to be different.

A celebration of diversity and being true to yourself.




Author – Alex LatimerWoolf

Illustrator – Patrick Latimer

Picture Book

Woolf is half wolf and half sheep. He shaves his wool to fit in with the wolves, but soon gives up doing that. He flattens his ears to fit in with the sheep, but it grows too uncomfortable. When his parents find him upset, they assure him he is something special and can just be himself. Which he finally does, finding friends in other places.



Want to play trucks?

Author – Ann Stottjacket, Want to Play Trucks?

Illustrator – Bob Graham

Picture Book

Jack likes trucks. Alex likes dolls. They quickly decide that Alex’s dolls can drive Jack’s trucks. They enjoy their time in the sandpit even more together.

(Working together, Compromise, Diversity, Differences)