Author/Illustrator – Sandra Diekman34381468

Picture Book

When a Polar Bear arrives in the forest, all the other animals are suspicious. Who is he and why is he there? Shouldn’t he be on the ice somewhere? This Polar Bear has moved to his own environment eroding due to Global Warming. He is looking for acceptance by the new creatures he meets, and does amazing things to achieve it.

(Animals, Environment, Global Warming, Acceptance, Friendship)





Author/Illustrator – Emily Gravett29662645

Picture Book

Pete the Badger is a tidy freak. When he begins to clean up the leaves that are dropping around him, he gets carried away. But at what cost?


Environment / Pollution


Title                                                           Author / Illustrator

Luther and the Cloud Makers              Kyle Mewburn / Sarah Nelisiwe Anderson

Cat on the Island                                     Gary Crew

One World                                                 Michael Foreman

The Tomorrow Book                               Jackie French / Sue Degennaro

Hairy Nose Itchy Butt                            Elizabeth Frankel / Garry Duncan