The Great Big Book of Friends

Author – Mary HoffmanThe Great Big Book of Friends

Illustrator – Ros Asquith

Picture Book

There are all different types of friends. Best friends, groups of friends, imaginary friends and more. There are great things about friendships and some not so fun things too.

This book talks about friendships in their many forms – good, and not so good, and how to tackle any problems that may occur along the way. With lots of questions and jokes, this book can start conversations between a parent, teacher or relative and their young person.


(Friends, Making Friends, Falling out, Arguments, Quarrels,


Felix’s New Skirt

Author – Kerstin BrichzinFelix's New Skirt (HB)

Illustrator – Igor Kuprin

Picture Book

Felix loves his big sister’s dresses, and especially skirts. When he wants to wear a red skirt on his first day of school, his parents suggest maybe pants would be best as some people won’t understand.

When Felix does get to wear his skirt to school, he’s the happiest he’s been. But the other kids laugh and the boys won’t play with him anymore.

Felix’s dad has the perfect solution. He wears his own skirt when he takes Felix to school. The parents and other children are so surprised. But it’s just the thing Felix needed to help his self-confidence and others intolerance.

(Diversity, Choices, Self-belief, Family, School)

We’re All Wonders

Author/Illustrator – R J PalacioWe're All Wonders

Picture Book

This little boy knows he’s ‘no ordinary kid’. His face isn’t the same as the other children and sometimes he’s bullied for it. But his parents tell him he’s a wonder. He knows that the world is made up of all different kinds of people, even those that look different.

Maybe someone will see that and accept him for how he is too? A wonder.

Based on the mega-hit Wonder, this picture book tells the story in a simpler format.

(Bullies, Acceptance, Tolerance, Diversity, Difference, Self esteem)




Author – Alex LatimerWoolf

Illustrator – Patrick Latimer

Picture Book

Woolf is half wolf and half sheep. He shaves his wool to fit in with the wolves, but soon gives up doing that. He flattens his ears to fit in with the sheep, but it grows too uncomfortable. When his parents find him upset, they assure him he is something special and can just be himself. Which he finally does, finding friends in other places.



Neon Leon

Author – Jane ClarkeNeon Leon

Illustrator – Britta Teckentrup

Picture Book

Leon is a chameleon, but he doesn’t change colour like he should in different environments. Will he ever find somewhere he can fit in?

Neon Leon is neon orange in this book. This picture doesn’t portray how bright!

The New Neighbours

Author/Illustrator – Sarah McIntyreImage result for the new neighbours sarah mcintyre

Picture Book

There are rats moving into the building. The Rabbits are very excited! But as they bounce down floor by floor, their enthusiasm is swayed by other’s niggles, and then negative comments, and then wild rumours. No one wants rats in the building!

But then they meet the new neighbours. Tidy, clean, well-mannered and best of all, cake-baking rats. Yay! There are rats in the building!

Clever story about not listening to other’s whispers, or rumours, and making your own decisions.

(Acceptance, Prejudice)

The Snow Lion

Author – Jim Helmore34324832

Illustrator – Richard Jones

Picture Book

In Caro’s new house, everything is white. Ceilings, walls and even the doors. But something is hiding in all that white. A new friend called The Snow Lion. He helps her settle in and encourages her to play with other children she sees outside. A gentle story about fitting in and meeting new people.

(Fitting in, Friendship, Brave, New places, New people)