The Great Big Book of Friends

Author – Mary HoffmanThe Great Big Book of Friends

Illustrator – Ros Asquith

Picture Book

There are all different types of friends. Best friends, groups of friends, imaginary friends and more. There are great things about friendships and some not so fun things too.

This book talks about friendships in their many forms – good, and not so good, and how to tackle any problems that may occur along the way. With lots of questions and jokes, this book can start conversations between a parent, teacher or relative and their young person.


(Friends, Making Friends, Falling out, Arguments, Quarrels,



Author/Illustrator – Rob BiddulphKevin (PB)

Picture Book

Sid Gibbons is in trouble. He blames an imaginary monster for all the havoc he has caused. When he is sent to his room, that very monster appears from the hatch in his ceiling.

Sid climbs to Kevin’s brightly coloured land of purple trees and jelly leaves. He sees other strange creatures and is invited to Kevin’s to play.

Sid sees an opportunity to be as naughty as he’s ever been, with no-one to answer to. But when Kevin gets the blame for Sid’s behaviour, Sid finally realises the result of his actions.

(Friendship, Kindness, Responsibility)


Franklins Flying Bookshop

Author – Jen CampbellFranklin's Flying Bookshop

Illustrator – Kate Harnett

Picture Book

Franklin is a book-loving dragon. But every time he tries to share his love of books, everyone runs away afraid. Until he meets Luna. She loves books as well as dragons, and she helps him share his love with the local townspeople.

Want to play trucks?

Author – Ann Stottjacket, Want to Play Trucks?

Illustrator – Bob Graham

Picture Book

Jack likes trucks. Alex likes dolls. They quickly decide that Alex’s dolls can drive Jack’s trucks. They enjoy their time in the sandpit even more together.

(Working together, Compromise, Diversity, Differences)


The Snow Lion

Author – Jim Helmore34324832

Illustrator – Richard Jones

Picture Book

In Caro’s new house, everything is white. Ceilings, walls and even the doors. But something is hiding in all that white. A new friend called The Snow Lion. He helps her settle in and encourages her to play with other children she sees outside. A gentle story about fitting in and meeting new people.

(Fitting in, Friendship, Brave, New places, New people)



Title                                                    Author / Illustrator

Why can’t I play?                              Elizabeth Hawkins / Bill Bolton

Leave me alone                                 Kes Gray / Lee Wildish

Penguin and Pinecone                    Salina Yoon

Side by Side                                        Rachel Bright / Debi Gliori

Nanny Fox                                           Georgie Adams / Selina Young

The Adventures of Beekle              Dan Santat

Doctor Hoof                                        Diana Kimpton / Garry Parsons

Ribbit Rabbit                                      Candace Ryan / Mike Lowery

My Best, Best Friend                         Lauren Child / Carol Noble

Crow                                                     Leo Timmers

Freckleface Strawberry Best Friends Forever       Julianne Moore / LeUyen Pham

You can be a Friend                         Tony & Lauren Dungy / Ron Mazellan

Fox makes Friends                          Adam Relf

Robby & Hoot                                    Joy Cowley / Phillip Fickling

Chill                                                     Carol Thompson