My Name is not Refugee

Author/Illustrator – Kate MilnerMy name is not Refugee COVER.indd

Picture Book

A small boy talking with his mum about having to leave his home and the journey they will have to make. A lovely story for young children to learn about refugee children and what they have to go through to find a home and safety.

(Refugee, Immigrant, Mother and son, Journey)



Author/Illustrator – Sandra Diekman34381468

Picture Book

When a Polar Bear arrives in the forest, all the other animals are suspicious. Who is he and why is he there? Shouldn’t he be on the ice somewhere? This Polar Bear has moved to his own environment eroding due to Global Warming. He is looking for acceptance by the new creatures he meets, and does amazing things to achieve it.

(Animals, Environment, Global Warming, Acceptance, Friendship)




OLDER TITLES              

Title                                                                  Author / Illustrator

Ziba came on a Boat                                       Liz Lofthouse / Robert Ingpen

The Arrival                                                        Shaun Tan