The Gift Horse

Author – Sophie SiersThe Gift Horse

Illustrator – Katherine White

Sophisticated picture book

Olivia is still grieving the loss of her mum. She feels like there is a balloon inside her, squashing everything out, right up against her throat. She can’t seem to fit in with her friends anymore and just wants to stay in bed.

But her dad won’t let her, being patient and kind. One day he brings a horse to their farm and asks Olivia to look after him. He’s beautiful and Olivia calls him Amigo. But he’s angry too, and won’t let her near him even after hours and hours together alone.

In her frustration the balloon inside finally pops, letting out all her emotions. But this is just what she needed – for her and Amigo.

Stunning illustrations and a moving story about the process of grief.

(NZ, New Zealand, Grief, Losing a parent)


I Love My Mummy

Author – Giles AndreaeI Love My Mummy

Illustrator – Emma Dodd

Picture Book

A rhyming book about all the thing that Mummy does. Singing songs, tickling toes, giggles and laugh while taking a bath.



OLDER TITLES              

Title                                                          Author / Illustrator

Heather has two Mummies                Lesléa Newman / Laura Cornell

Me and my Mum                                   Amanda Rainger / Simone Abel

Just Like my Mum                                 David Melling

I Love Mum                                             Joanna Walsh / Judi Abbot