Author – Amy McCulloch

Age – 11+

Imagine your cellphone is now outdated tech. Its replacement is a companion called a baku – invented to stop us spending all our hours looking at a screen and totally in sync with your likes and dislikes, friend and business connections and so much more. It is also much nicer to have around as it it is in the form of an animal.

The more money you have, the more high-tech your baku. A level 1 baku may be an insect, still beautiful in construction but simple compared to a level 3 eagle or wolf.

Lacey Chu lives in this future world, with a dream of going to the prestigious Profectus Academy. From there she wants to be a companioneer – an engineer who designs new bakus.

Despite her years of hard work and excellent grades, she receives a rejection from the Academy. Wandering and despondent, she is out walking when she finds a wrecked baku in some scrub. She’s determined to repair it, (calling it Jinx), and as she does her future turns around.

Profectus suddenly say she’s in, and she begins her dream towards being a companioneer like her father before her. Soon however, she realises other things aren’t adding up. Jinx doesn’t behave like other bakus and someone powerful seems to be looking for him.

Lacey is a likeable character, driven to making life better for her mum. When her life-time goal is suddenly overshadowed, she is true to her new feelings, sending her and her new friends into a tail-spin of intrigue and action. With just a touch of romance and a ending in the middle of the climax, this series will definitely be one to follow.

(Future, Technology, Friendship, Scholarship, University, Study, Determination, School)

Six of Crows

Author – Leigh BardugoSix of Crows (#1)

Age – 13+ (Violence)

Six teens are pulled together by their leader Kaz Brekker to perform the most dangerous, outrageous, death-defying theft. Are they stealing money? Gold or Jewels? No. It’s something much more important. Something that will plummet the world into war, and tear trade, people and lives to shreds. And they will be paid more than they’ve ever dreamed of.

Kaz – 17 years old, with the mind of someone much older. Kaz Brekker is also known as a demon. He has no sympathy for weakness, no empathy for others, and a brilliant calculating brain that has built him a ruthless gang and cut throat business of underhand deals, thefts and knowledge about all those around him. When offered a deal too good to refuse, he needs only the best to accompany him on his quest.

Jesper – Has worked for Kaz for some time, and after a betrayal in their ranks, becomes as close to a right-hand-man Kaz will allow. Jesper is skilled with guns and loves the thrill of his life on the line, but has an expensive gambling streak he cannot deny. This quest may be the answer to all his problems.

Inej – Also known as The Wraith, Inej has the power of appearing out of nowhere, climbing anything, and all the while having a calming influence – especially on Kaz. Friction builds between these two throughout the story, until they realise the truth. Will this heist finally give her the direction and purpose she has been searching for?

Matthias – Tall, strong, blond and incredibly angry after being set-up and flung in a hell-hole prison to rot. Little does he know the person who put him there is doing everything to get him out. The quest he is offered turns him inside out. Does he protect his country and all he has trained for, or let his true feelings decide?

Wylan – Son of a rich merchant, who has fled his privileged life to forge his own way. He is determined to prove himself useful in this gang, and not just be collateral if things go wrong.

Nina – Nina is a Grisha – a race hunted down over decades in order to eradicate them and their special powers. There are Tidemakers who can draw blood from their enemies, Fabrikators who design and build, Healers, and Heartrenders like Nina who can stop an enemy’s heart with one flick of a wrist.

A fantasy world set in a time of thieves, con men, pickpockets, blades and guns (with an early Victorian flavour), Six of Crows is told from the viewpoint of these six young men and women. Their back stories are woven into the narrative, explaining their actions, desires, dreams and separate agendas. Absolutely brilliant!! Can’t wait to read the sequel Crooked Kingdom.

(Fantasy, Betrayal, Loyalty, Courage, Quest, Heist, Magic, Fighting, Theft, Historical, Hate, Love)


The Restless Girls

Author – Jessie Burton

Illustrator – Angela Barrett

Age – 10+

There once were twelve princesses, loved by their parents and all who knew them. Their mother was an adventurous queen, loving driving her race car every chance she could. She encouraged her daughters to be free thinkers and to pursue their dreams.

When tragedy occurs, the grieving king can think of nothing but protecting his daughters – even if it costs them their true desires.

Frida the eldest princess, hates seeing her sisters so unhappy. She tries to find a way to lift their spirits, not realising a huge portrait of their mother holds the answers. Finally there is light in their lives again, with peacocks, lionesses, music and dance – until the king discovers something. Dozens and dozens of worn out shoes.

The puzzle infuriates the king already going mad with grief, and he makes two terrible decisions. How will the princesses live with his decree? It’s only the free and determined spirit their mother nurtured within them that helps decide their fates.

A retelling of the Grimms Brothers fairytale – The 12 Dancing Princesses, with a modern, feminist spin to it. A wonderfully magical tale which is much more satisfying to today’s readers, young and old.

(Fairytale, Magic, Dancing, Trickery, Feminist, Strong-minded, Strong willed, Siblings, Love, Family)

Small Spaces

Author – Sarah EpsteinSmall Spaces

Age – 14+

It’s been 10 years since it happened. When Tash was 8 years old she saw her imaginary friend (who she named Sparrow after he appeared on her windowsill one night), lead a 6 year old girl away from the town carnival. The girl re-appeared 5 days later, mute, dirty and wandering in the bush alone.

Since then, Tash’s life has been a whirl of therapy, accusations of attention seeking, confusion and tension. And now the girl’s family have moved back to town. Tash thought she was better, but now she’s beginning to see Sparrow in the shadows. She can’t tell anyone because they’ll think she’s crazy again. All Tash wants to do is go to Uni and escape it all.

But when she is at breaking point, she forces herself to look deeper and into places she never thought to look. Is Sparrow real or not? Is the girl’s brother involved? The deeper she digs, the more real everything becomes, until lives are on the line – including hers.

A YA thriller that swaps between Then – showing therapy sessions and police reports, and Now – Tash’s journey back into the nightmare of her childhood. But she’s not a child anymore, and this time she fights back. Gripping!

(Imaginary Friend, Fears, Claustrophobia, Family, Aunt, Drugs, Secret, School, Loyalty, Thriller)

Sea Witch

Author – Sarah HenningSea Witch

Age – 12+

Nik, Anna and Evie are best friends. They are all different, Anna a beautiful little blonde girl and of high birth, Evie, the opposite with her dark hair and humble roots, and Nik, Prince of Havnestad.

One day while playing on the beach, there is a terrible accident and Nik and Evie lose their beloved friend Anna.

Years later, Evie remains Nik’s best friend, despite the whispers and taunts of the town who know she is beneath him.

Just before the Havnestad Annual Festival and on the year of Nik’s 16th birthday, a girl arrives, strikingly similar to Anna. Evie is taken aback at the resemblance, but the girl claims her name is Annemette. When Evie takes Annemette under her wing for the festival, Annemette reveals a secret involving Nik.

Evie, stirred by the memory of Anna in this girl, does everything she can to help, but the results cost lives, with devastating results for Evie and Annemette.

Sea Witch tells the back story of Ursula – the villain of The Little Mermaid. We learn where Ursula came from – her life above the waves before she became the tentacled creature we know from the story. Sea Witch is a love story, a tale of revenge, magic, suspicion, and loyalty. Fabulous!

(Fairytale, Fable, Ocean, Sea, Love story, Princes, Magic, Witch, Octopus, Revenge, Friendship, Secret)

Unpacking Harper Holt

Author – Di Walker40608923

Age – 11+

Harper is on the move again. Every six months or even less, Harper’s father’s work takes them to a different place. When she was younger, her parent’s catch-cry of New place-New adventure was exciting, but now Harper is at high school, moving no longer has the same appeal.

Even with her mum’s amazing skills at settling them in – finding a new favourite coffee spot, sorting out the best school, and tracking down the local dance studio, Harper is already reminding herself that they won’t be there for long, so it doesn’t matter anyway.

Harper wants her life to change, but when it is tipped upside down, she would do absolutely anything to have it back how it used to be.

Harper is an authentic character, living a different kind of life. This was instantly appealing as I wondered where the story would take me. I felt for Harper as she was now wanting to make some real friends, those she could keep and enjoy. Her frustration soon turns to grief and then anger throughout the novel, trying to keep herself strong. I love the cover too! 

Believable. Heartbreaking.

(Moving, Dance, New School, Bullying, Bully, Friendship, Grief, Loss, Change, Realism)


Girls Made of Snow and Glass

Author – Melissa Bashardoust32768509

Age – 13+

Two young women, so very different.

Mina is the daughter of a spiteful, manipulative, selfish and calculating man who is also a magician. She has always been scorned by the locals and when her father suggests they move North to the icy land of Whitespring, she follows. After all, he’s told her if anyone will love her, it will be for her beauty. She believes this to be true because he’s also told her she has a glass heart, made for her when she was very young and hers was failing. Therefore, he tells her she will never love or be loved.

When they reach Whitespring, a land cursed with endless snow; she makes it her goal to woo and marry the widowed king. His beloved wife and queen died, but he has a daughter called Lynet.

Lynet doesn’t know that she is also connected to the magician. She grows up with her over-protective father and soon meets Mina, a lovely girl, new to the king’s court. When her father remarries, Mina becomes her stepmother and queen and they grow very close.

But as Lynet grows, the king has his own plans, wanting his daughter to become queen. And so the power plays that run under the surface finally reveal themselves. Mina just wants to be loved, Lynet has met a new and talented ally (who is also a spy), and the magician has his own agenda.

A feminist retelling of Snow White (there were no strong men thundering in on horses to save the day or magical kisses), there was a lesbian romance hinted at and a complicated up and down mother-daughter relationship that the characters had to work through. Sure there was poison and daggers, fake soldiers and lookalikes, but there were also plans made and broken, decisions made then regretted, and a satisfying conclusion. It also reminded me a little of Frozen with its icy setting.

Flicking back and forth between the two protagonists saw their lives slowly entwine. Very enjoyable read.

(Royalty, Fantasy, Family, Blended Family, Courage, Love)



And the Ocean was our Sky

Author – Patrick Ness36979356

Illustrator – Rovina Cai

Age – 10+

This is a tale of Moby Dick tipped on its head.

Bathsheba is the key character in this story. She’s a whale – part of a team of three apprentices under the leadership of Captain Alexandra. This whale Captain is renown in the oceans for her hunting prowess, her prey – man. Loaded with their own harpoons, this is just one pod of whales hunting their enemy who sail the Abyss (what the whales call the sky above the water).

This war between man and whale has consumed both to the point of obsession. Captain Alexandra believes her pod are part of a prophecy to kill the worst man of them all, the infamous Toby Wick. They are on the lookout for him and his white-hulled ship.

When they come across a lone survivor of a man’s ship, they capture him and it is Bathsheba’s job to interrogate him then kill him. But the more she talks to him, the more she ponders his answers and her own destiny.

Even this man calls Toby Wick the devil. Have they all become just as bad as him, swimming the oceans intent on slaughter? Have they all become devils in their own way? Will they even find him, let alone defeat him?

The illustrations are swirls of greys, whites and the blood of war. Seemingly gruesome and beautiful at the same time. Suspension of belief is needed to get your head around whales building their own ships, firing their own harpoons and tying humans up to interrogate them, but the meaning underneath this whale tale is too good to miss!

(Whale, Ocean, Classic, Moby Dick, Retelling, War, Destiny, Prophecy)


Author – Alan Gratz33118312

Age – 11+

Three children. Three different times in history. They are all fleeing their countries, looking for freedom, safety and a new life.

There is Joseph, his little sister Ruthie and his parents, leaving Germany on a ship called the St Louis in 1939 before WWII. They are Jewish and Joseph’s father has already spent time in Dachau Concentration Camp, and been ordered to leave Germany with his family and never return. They have high hopes of a new life in Cuba, after applying and paying for papers to allow them to settle there.

But when they reach Cuba, there is a problem. They are not allowed to enter the country. Will they be sent back to Germany?

There is Isabel, her father, grandfather, pregnant mother and her neighbours – all dreaming of leaving Cuba in 1994. But Fidel Castro has always forbidden anyone trying to escape his country. Until now… The neighbours have secretly been building a boat. Now is their chance! They risk their lives out on the open ocean, heading for the US. They face storms, sharks, and giant ships in the shipping lanes. Will they ever get to Miami?

It is 2015, and Mahmoud’s beloved city of Aleppo in Syria has been bombed again and again, the civil war tipping their lives upside down. When they finally decide to leave, to head for Germany, he and his family have no idea what they will face along the way. Smugglers, gunman, thieves, soldiers, camps, hunger and exhaustion. Will they ever be free?

All three stories are cleverly connected at the end of the novel, by the characters themselves and what they faced on their flights for freedom. Topical. This is an important and fantastic read.

(Sea crossing, Ocean crossing, War, Historical, Syria, Cuba, Germany, Refugee, Asylum, Racism, Hate, Courage, Mental Illness)

The Survival Game

Author – Nicky SingerImage result for the survival game

Age – 13+

It is a world of spreading deserts and unbearable heat. Millions are pouring out of Equator Central, to the North – cooler and more liveable.

But there are even more rules than before. More borders and soldiers with guns. You must have your papers and if you are 15 or older, you are deemed an adult, with consequences so much worse for breaking any rules.

Mhairi Anne Bain is 14. She was born in Scotland but has been with her parents in the Sudan. Her mother is a scientist. The last time Mhairi saw her was at a checkpoint, where she told Mhairi that she must stay alive.

Mhairi is alive, making her way back to Scotland to her grandmother. Mhairi has memories hidden behind high walls in her head. Memories shut deep inside a ‘castle’.

When she comes across a small boy, she tells herself he will slow her down. She is not to think about him, or even consider taking him with her.

Her journey has been a long one. She thinks often of her father and the way he showed her how the world is beautiful. The stars above, the cool, refreshing water of a stream, and any small acts of kindness she encounters, remind her of his words.

But the world’s overpopulation rules of compulsory death at 74, bulging refugee camps, riots, and things she has learnt and done to honour her mother’s last words to her, have taken their toll. This is a game of survival and she has learnt how to play the hard way.

(Future, Survival, Hunger, Steal, Cunning, Detention, Flee, Escape, Run, Walk, Rules)

Highly Illogical Behaviour

Author – John Corey WhaleyHighly Illogical Behaviour

Age – 14+

Solomon is 13 when whilst at school, one of his panic attacks is so bad, he sought the only thing he can think of to calm him – water. He strips down to his boxers and sat in the school fountain.

Now 3 years later, he hasn’t been to school (or anywhere outside) since, preferring the company of his parents and funny and wise real estate agent grandma, who comes for dinner often.

Then there is Lisa. She is a highly organised, hard working, student who has an ultimate goal – to attend a prestigious university psychology programme. To do this she must get the scholarship they offer to one student. She has to write an essay about her personal thoughts/journey on someone with mental illness. She was at school the day ‘The Fountain Kid’ was pulled out. By chance she finds him and knows he is her ticket to the scholarship.

At first, with only the scholarship in mind; she tells him by letter she wants to be his friend. But Sol is so funny and down-to-earth that’s exactly what happens – they become good friends. Lisa introduces her boyfriend Clark to Sol and the three of them see each other almost every day – inside Sol’s house.

Clark and Sol share an addiction to fantasy stories, particularly Star Trek. Their friendship grows even stronger and Clark threatens to tell Lisa’s secret. Will he tell? Does he even love her any more? Lisa is torn. But Sol is stronger than he was before Lisa and Clark, and when it counts he may just surprise them.

(Agoraphobia, Friendship, Home-school, University acceptance, Secret, Star Trek, Family)

Salt to the Sea

Author – Ruta Sepetys25614492

Age – 13+

Thousands of refugees are fleeing the Russian Army near the end of World War II in East Prussia. Germans, Lithuanians, Polish and Croatians trek the roads, the forests and the fields – heading for the ports and the ships that are said to be coming to help them escape.

No-one trusts anyone, least of all Florian; an injured German with a tiny hidden parcel which if discovered will get him shot on the spot. Little does he know that when he goes to the aid of a young Polish girl, that his trek will no longer be a solitary one.

Through this 15 year-old-girl (Emilia) who has her own secrets, Florian meets others on the road. The wandering boy – only aged 6, who just wandered alone out of a forest. Ava – a giantess who says it like it is, an elderly shoemaker who is kind and wise about all matters of the feet, and Joana – a nurse who seems to be the leader of this hotchpotch group of humanity.

They face many horrors and hardships along the road, wary of each other’s motives and unspoken backgrounds. But it’s this time on the trek together that finally binds them when they need it most. Fighting for survival.

Salt to the Sea is based around the worst maritime disaster in history, (seven times worse than the Titanic). Compelling, heart wrenching and beautifully written in different points of view, it won the Carnegie Medal 2017, The Golden Kite Award, and the Audie Award for Young Adults. A must read for historical fiction fans or anyone interested in World War II. The characters will be with me for a long time. This is my favourite read for 2018 so far. A 10/10 for me.

(WWII, World War II, Escape, Refugee, War, Secrets, Forgery, Stolen Art, Prussia, Courage, Historical, Carnegie Award 2017, Multiple POV)

The Family Tree

Author – Mal Peet39908097

Illustrator – Emma Shoard

Age – 14+ (Strong language)

A man, inexplicably drawn back to where he’d lived as a child, gazes up at the treehouse his father built him when he was young. Once grand with a balcony, doors, windows and steps that wrapped around the tree trunk, ‘The Nest’ now squats in the tree, wiped with moss, mould and rot.

He is taken back to the time it was built and the wonder of watching it form in the even-then-ancient beech tree. Spending time reading, talking and playing in ‘The Nest’ with his father was a wonderful time in his life, but in dark contrast, the treehouse led to becoming his father’s escape from his job, his wife and the world, as his mental illness enveloped him.

The good memories urge him to repair it for the young family who now live there, but his sad memories win.

A succinct, sobering story of love and confusion of a young boy watching his father’s battle with depression. Emma Shoard’s style of free and fast mark making illustrations portray the quiet mood of the story beautifully. By the winner of the Carnegie Medal and The Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize.

(Award winning author, Depression, Mental Illness, The Black Dog, Treehouse, Memories)

NEW ‘Picture Book by Theme’ Tool

Hi everyone!

You will notice that there are a lot of picture books being posted at the moment.

Image result for question mark image freeAs a children’s bookseller and book nut, I am always being asked by parents, teachers, librarians and grandparents, for picture books for children dealing with grief, fears, feelings etc, so I thought I would find a way to help with that.

All of the picture books showing have been chosen for their theme and can be searched for as such. Just hover over the picture books tab at the top of the page to see the drop down menu.

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If you are needing themed titles that aren’t showing, please CONTACT ME and let me know. I’d be only too glad to help.


The Last Days of Archie Maxwell

Author – Annabel Pitcher36170364

Age – 16+

Archie is reeling after a family announcement. His father is leaving. His mother doesn’t even seem mad about it, and his big sister knows more than she’s letting on. When Archie learns the whole truth, his whole world implodes.

What if the guys at school find out? His life won’t be worth living. They will show no mercy. And that’s when Archie begins to think about that guy who ended it all on the train tracks behind his house.

Archie likes a girl at school – who just happens to be the sister of the guy on the tracks. She blames herself and is trying to understand why her brother did it. When Archie offers her some relief from her guilt, they become a little closer. But she has her own secrets too. Is Archie strong enough to resist a final solution for himself and protect her from the same?

This is an easy read/novella for not only dyslexic teens, but those who may find larger texts daunting or unappealing. It was gritty, true to life, showing the no-filter language of teen boys amongst themselves and about girls. Fantastic read.

(Dyslexic, Homophobia, Suicide, Bullying, Mental Health, School, Family)

They Saw Too Much

Author – Alan Gibbons38318466

Age – 14+

John is on the beach with a girl called Ceri James from school. They have been teamed up to do a photography project together. John is enjoying using the school’s expensive camera and is aiming at everything around him, getting the feel of it.

A car pulls up near them and John is instantly on alert. Things in his past have made him aware of anything looking a little shifty, and the two guys inside the car ring alarm bells.

He watches them in the camera viewfinder and uses the zoom on them when they follow a man out onto the beach. What he sees next sends him and Ceri on a pell-mell, dash from place to place – trying to find somewhere to hide. The men saw them with a camera and will do anything to stop them from showing any pictures taken, to the police.

Not sure who to trust, realising his own father is connected somehow, and trying to protect Ceri who has her own secrets and past swirling just under her skin; John is angry, confused, and scared. They are running for their lives.

(Murder, Crime, Trust, Hostage, Gangster, Witness, Family, Foster, Action)

After the lights go out

Author – Lili Wilkinson

Age – 14+

Imagine it – suddenly, without warning or reason, there is no electricity. Anywhere. Modern cars are useless and even pacemakers fail.

The isolated Australian outback town of Jubilee begin to struggle with this after a few days, and even more so when their men don’t return from the mine where they work.

After she finds an old Holden to travel in, 17 yr-old Pru Palmer decides to go to the mine to look for her father. They have a secret. Her father Rick is a doomsday prepper and they have a bunker not far from their house packed with supplies to last years underground. Pru and her sisters have been trained to survive in almost any situation. But Pru is now in charge. She always thought her dad would be there too.

Along with a stranger in town (whose mother was facilitating a safety seminar at the mine), Pru finds disaster at the mine. They return to Jubilee to find her usually docile community beginning to attack eachother – just like her father said they would. But can she just walk away and leave them all to starve?

Her dad always said “Family first,” and Pru is torn between how she was raised and the people in town.

This story drew me in early and surprised me again and again. Pru is an authentic character, suddenly dealing with so much responsibility and guilt. She feels surrounded by anger, fear and even death and has to find solutions. But realistically, she doesn’t have to cope all on her own – until the unthinkable happens.

(Doomsday prepper, Apocalypse, Bunker, Romance, Siblings, Twins, Family, Courage, Australia, Outback, Secret)

A Song Only I Can Hear

Author – Barry Jonsberg40012192

Age – 12+

Rob Fitzgerald has a huge crush on Destry Camberwick. The problem with that is that Rob suffers from panic attacks, and is incredibly shy – only talking with his friend Andrew, his parents and his best friend – his grandfather.

Pop is funny, straight to the point and loves to swear. Rob sees him almost daily and can talk to Pop about anything. How will he get Destry’s attention? Rob’s mate Andrew has some suggestions, one being to impress Destry as a football goalie in the next inter-school game.

When Rob begins receiving strange text messages with more suggestions, he is intrigued about who they are from. Mum? Dad? What about Pop? No. He hates technology.

But Rob takes the text advice seriously and is soon in trouble again and again trying to make a good impression for Destry. And just as it seems to be working, things go terribly wrong.

It was so refreshing to read a teen novel that was true-to-life but had me bursting out laughing throughout the novel. Pop is the funniest character I have read in ages. This book made me laugh, cry and gasp in surprise. It’s about identity and believing in who you really are. Beautiful, funny, clever – pure Barry Jonsberg.
(Note: any swearing is replaced by the word blankety in the novel, which made some scenes even funnier.)

(Identity, Crush, Family, Grandfather, Grandparent, Anxiety, Counselor, Grief, LGBT, Funny)

Dear Martin

Author – Nic Stone24974996

Age – 14+

Justyce is 17. He is the top of his class, an excellent debater and is aiming for Yale. All is good in his life until one night when he is helping his drunk ex get into his car. The police arrive, see a young black male with a drunk girl and assume the worst. He is immediately put in cuffs and read his rights.

Although released (hours later), Justyce has now experienced the racial profiling he’s heard and read about. He’s shocked when he realises he could have easily been just another police shooting accident involving a young African American man.

Justyce has been working on a personal project, studying the speeches and teachings of Martin Luther King. He has been writing letters to him in a journal – trying to work out the world around him.

His new awareness of the racial profiling around him makes him angry. Even his friends and classmates’ comments are getting under his skin. But it’s cruising around with his best friend one morning when the unthinkable happens. Bang! Bang! Bang!

This is a powerful story about prejudice, blatant racism in schools, courts, businesses and homes, and a young man trying to come to terms with it all. Gritty and gripping.

(School, Racism, Prejudice, Friendship, Family, Grief, Crime, Gang)


Author – Chaboute35908372

Age – 12+

A man lives in a lighthouse on a rock. He was born there and has never left.

Another man is working in his new job on a fishing trawler. He asks why they are unloading boxes onto the steps leading up to the lighthouse, and is told the story of the disfigured hermit no-one has ever seen. He wonders what the hermit does all day?

The hermit hides until the trawler is gone before he collects his supplies. Then he goes back to his dictionary – worn, taped together, but cherished. A game he plays with his beloved dictionary fills much of his time. His days have been the same for decades.

But something changes. Just a small change. A tiny piece of kindness. The hermit considers it, and his life changes dramatically.

A graphic novel with sparse text and beautiful pictures capturing a gull on the wing, the pounding ocean and the melancholy of the hermit. Simple. Stunning. 

(Loneliness, Lighthouse, Kindness, Sadness, Isolation, Change, Graphic Novel, Translated, French, France)