Louisiana’s way home

Author – Kate DiCamillo39217633

Age – 8+

A companion novel to Raymie Nightingale, this continues the story of Raymie’s friend, Louisiana Elefante, daughter of travelling trapeze artists. She was told this by her granny who has raised her from infancy, after never knowing her parents.

When Granny wakes Louisiana at 3am one morning, saying they must leave immediately, Louisiana isn’t surprised. Granny does this sort of thing often. It all has to do with the curse upon her family, stemming from when her magician great grandfather sawed his wife in half and then vanished without putting her back together.

Louisiana believes every word Granny says, and is very matter of fact about life. Granny has taught her to be resourceful and clever, how to speak to people to gain what you need and to see things how they really are.

When Louisiana’s life is tipped even further, she is left wondering who she really is? She is suddenly doubting all that she knows, and where she fits in the world. A new friend, Burke Allen, (whose father and grandfather have the same name) has sworn to help her, but Louisiana has to make some big choices.

A beautiful story of belonging, and forgiveness. How do you go forward when everything behind you is untrue? This character’s spirit and courage helps her discover her own compass in life. Only then can she move forward. Reminded me a little of Anne (of Green Gables), as she too had the same spirit and outward confidence, even if not so inside.

By the author of Because of Winn-Dixie, The Magician’s Elephant, The Tale of Despereaux.

(Curse, Lies, Family, Small-town kindness, Belonging, Friendship, Road trip, Truth)


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