Glitterwings Book Week Blunder (1) Miniwings

Author – Sally SuttonGlitterwing's Book Week Blunder (Miniwings #1)

Illustrator – Kirsten Richards

Age – 6+

When Sophia and Clara are given 6 small plastic unicorns by their Nana, they think they are sweet little toys, but little do they know, they are naughty, cheeky, and bound to get them in a LOT of trouble. In the 1st episode of this series, it is book week at their school and there is a dress-up parade on the last day. What will they go as?

They ask Mum to help, but the Miniwings spoil things. The next time Mum agrees, the Miniwings are even worse! Will they ever get a costume ready or will they have to wear their school uniforms in the parade?

These fun, coloured illustrated chapter books are great for budding readers. No. 1 & 2 are on the shelves with four more adventures to come.

(Unicorns, Series, Siblings, School, Magic, Fantasy, Fun, Mischief, Family)

Battle for the Shadow Sword (1)Team Hero Series

Author – Adam BladeBattle for the Shadow Sword (Team Hero #1)

Age – 7+

Jack Beacon is sick of being called Beak the Freak by his classmates because of his weird scaly hands. But this difference and what he can do with them alerts a secret academy to his skills, and he is soon enrolled.

Meeting others with strange powers makes him feel like he belongs somewhere for the first time in his life. But his relief is short-lived as he quickly learns about an evil creature called General Gore and the Noxians. Creatures that were banished after a war with humans 1000 years before.

The Noxians are stirring and Jack and his new friends are called to protect humankind. Is this all for real? He’s only just arrived. How can he help with no training? Jack’s skills are quickly put to the test.

I never read Beast Quest so when I picked up the first book in this new series, I wasn’t sure what to expect. With great friends, gadgets, evil fiends, freaky creatures and another boy who is suspiciously at hateful as Malfoy in HP, this series is going to be epic for reluctant readers or lovers of action!

(Friendship, Monsters, Series, Good vs Evil, School, Rivalry, Belonging, Courage)






The Serpent’s Heir (How to Train your Dragon)

Author / Illustrator – Dark Horse Comics25810228

Age – 8+        (Graphic Novel)

Hiccup is the new chief of his village and when a visitor arrives (Calder of the Nepenthe), he asks Hiccup for help. His island is experiencing fearful earthquakes and they’re not sure what to do. Can Hiccup and his skill with dragons come to their aid?

But they find more than they’ve bargained for, with dragons aplenty, a madman who believes he’s a dragon and a surprise under the island.

This story begins after the events in the movie – How to Train your Dragon 2….

(Graphic Novel, Adventure, Action, Dragons, Courage, Fantasy)


Ngarara Huarau

Author – Maxine HemiNgarara Huarau

Illustrator – Andrew Burdan

Age – 8+    (Graphic Novel)

A Taniwha has wreaked havoc on many maori villages over the years. A young warrior is sure he can defeat this beast once and for all, but is warned by an old woman who lost her entire village, to be be wary.

This Taniwha is looking for his sister Parikawhiti and travels from Hawkes Bay to Wairarapa, inhaling whole seal herds and flocks of birds along the way. Can the warrior trick the Taniwha into his trap with many warriors waiting nearby to attack?

The beautiful atmospheric illustrations add depth and scale to this tale. Ngarara Huarau is a Finalist in the 2017 New Zealand Book awards for Children & Young Adults.

(Graphic Novel, Action, Battle, Myth, Maori, Warrior, Bravery, Courage, Monster)


Author / Illustrator – James DavidsonMoa

Age – 10 +

Kiwi Pukupuku and Possum Von Tempsky are all about adventure. The first of 3 tales in this new graphic novel is kicked off when they see a lizard egg being sold illegally. When they try to find where it came from, they stumble across the original thieves, the Bacon Brothers. The tricky part is when the egg breaks and Possum suddenly becomes a baby lizard’s favourite person with a very large, angry mum wanting him back!

2) Sent out on a mission by the Governor, Kiwi tells Possum a legend of the geothermal area they are travelling through – Hatupatu was the youngest of three brothers. Fate has him facing an evil bird woman called Karangatuku who captures him and takes him to her lair….. Little do Possum and Kiwi know that the legend is still alive and angry, and right behind them.

3) Another adventure Taonga in Trouble takes the duo an another adventure with mythical creatures in colonial New Zealand.

For nearly a decade James Davidson has worked on Moa, researching local legends and combining native creatures, real people, maori legends and adventure in this funny graphic novel.

(Fantasy, Myth, legend, Maori, Bravery, Humour, Historical, Friendship)

Phoebe and her Unicorn

Author / Illustrator – Dana Simpson22710140

Age – 7+     (Graphic Novel)

When Phoebe is practicing her stone skimming one day, she accidentally hits a unicorn standing on the other side of the pond. She actually did it a favour, as every time it sees its reflection it is caught up in gazing at itself. It allows her one wish.

Infinity more wishes?    No.
Infinity more dollars?    No.
Super Powers?             Be more realistic.
You have to be my best friend

– and so… this is how a unicorn called Marigold Heavenly Nostrils becomes Phoebe’s best friend.

Phobe’s day to day life as a 10 year old, with a school nemesis and boring, embarrassing parents – mixed with an incredibly vain and sarcastic unicorn, make this really funny. Also included in the back of the book are unicorn activities. Looking forward to more in the series.

(Graphic Novel, Humour, Friendship, School, Family)

The Dragon Defenders (1)

Author – James Russell34884189

Animations – Yongtao Zhang

Age – 7+

Paddy & his older brother live on an island with their parents and little sister Ada. They have never seen a cellphone, tv, computer or even electricity, and spend their time hunting, climbing, running, digging, making things or adventuring. When they see a boat moored just off the island, they wonder who it could be?

The owners of the boat are after dragons and will do anything to get them. Can the boys stop them and protect their family too?

Chocka full of action, adventure and it also comes with an exciting ‘AR Reads’ app that can be downloaded which brings the story alive digitally too. Read traditionally or with ‘the app, this story is a fabulous follow-on for the Dragon Brothers Picture Book Series.

(Series, Fantasy, Family, Animals, Courage, Dragons, Action)