Evie’s Ghost

Author – Helen Peters32716469

Age – 10+

Evie is not happy. Her Mum has remarried and gone off on honeymoon, leaving Evie to stay with a godmother she has never met. The room she is shown on the first night looks just like any other room – except for a message scratched into the glass of the window.

Her godmother tells her of a tale told about her room. The message is said to be left by a girl over 200 hundred years before, after being locked in there by her own father.

Evie soon learns more about this girl first hand – waking up in 1814 in the same house, wearing maid’s clothing. Life is very different in 1814 and she has to learn her dawn to dusk duties very quickly or be fired and forced to leave the house. But how would she get home again?

The more she learns about the house and its occupants, she soon meets the girl who scratched the message in the window. Evie knows she has to warn her about her father before it is too late – hoping this righting of a terrible wrong will return her to her own time.

Another great read by Helen Peters – connecting our time with the past in a unique way.

(History, Historical, Godmother, Courage, 1814, Time Travel)



Tilly and the Time Machine

Author – Adrian Edmondson

Illustrator – Danny Noble

Age – 6+

Tilly’s dad is an inventor. One night she is woken by a loud bang and showers of sparks. Her dad had invented a time machine. When he tries to show her how it works, it breaks down. With a promise to show her in the morning, he sends her back to bed.

But Dad isn’t there in the morning – or after school. Tilly knows she has to go and find him. Dad has programmed interesting times and events through history into the machine and Tilly follows him onto a ship being cannonballed, a world cup football match, up victorian chimneys and to her own 6th birthday party. Will she ever catch up to him?

With B&W illustrations throughout and written by a master UK comedian and actor, Tilly’s tale is fun, dangerous and sweet as she searches for her dad and remembers her mum.

(Humour, School, Science, Time Travel, One-parent Family)

The Time Museum

29102874Author/Illustrator – Matthew Loux

Graphic Novel

Age – 8+

Delia Bean loves science, facts, history – everything. Her Uncle thinks she is definitely smart enough to apply for an internship at an amazing Earth Time Museum. It holds Earth’s history (past, present and future.)

Uncle Lyndon tells her that he is in fact a time traveler and curator of the museum and he wants her to join 5 others from different times in history to go through 3 tests to determine who will work at the museum. This is better than Delia’s wildest dreams for her future.

Their tasks include finding specimens, spotting things, people, objects etc that don’t belong in that time and capturing them and learning about important historical events. Delia soon makes friends but when something goes terribly wrong, Delia is to blame.

Will she lose her friends and her chance at her dream job?

Fantastic full colour illustrations and intriguing adventures!

(Science, Time Travel, Graphic Novel, Friendship, Competition, Cooperation, Trust, Series)

Julius Zebra – Rumble with the Romans


Author – Gary Northfield

Age – 7+

This is the first in a series.

Julius Zebra isn’t happy about going to the lake with his mum and older brother. The water is gross and smelly. He tries to imagine the water as crystal-clear sparkling water from a mountain, but as soon as he tastes it, he knows better.
He decides he is going home on his own, despite the warnings of being alone from an annoying know-it-all warthog that sees him. Suddenly they are both caught up in a stampede. There is a stalking lion nearby. Julius and the warthog escape up a hill, only to fall into a deep dark pit – with the lion!
He’s wishing he never left his family’s side when they are all pulled out in nets by strange looking creatures called people. Not just any people – Roman Centurions.

This is a hilarious beginning to this series. Friendship, time-travel, humour and animals all mixed together make a great read for 7+ boys and girls.

Crow Country


Author – Kate Constable

Age – 10+

Sadie isn’t happy about moving to a small aussie town her mum used to visit as a child. She has to leave everything behind in the city and she makes sure her mum knows how she feels about it.
Soon after arriving, she explores the area and finds a strange circle of stones in a dried up lake bed. To her shock, a crow lands nearby and speaks to her!

This is the beginning of a seemingly impossible task set by the crow – to right a wrong. The only trouble is Sadie has no idea what it is. When she begins to have blackouts – becoming another Sadie in her family history, the pieces slowly come together to reveal a horrible secret. With the help of a new friend they right the wrong the crow speaks of and bring families together.

(Historical, Time travel, Talking animal, Crow, Family, Secret)



Author – Thomas Taylor

Age – 11+

Eddie, Adam and David have the same gift. Separated by generations, they are linked by their ability to time-travel. Using their dreams, they can appear like ghosts, wherever and whenever they want. The first is the genius who discovers dreamwalking. The second is a Haunter, a dream-terrorist, determined to change history for his own ends. The last is the novice dreamwalker who must battle to save his family, and himself, from oblivion.

Fabulous for time travel fans.

(Time travel, Family, Generations, Dreaming, Good versus evil, Experiment)