Unpacking Harper Holt

Author – Di Walker40608923

Age – 11+

Harper is on the move again. Every six months or even less, Harper’s father’s work takes them to a different place. When she was younger, her parent’s catch-cry of New place-New adventure was exciting, but now Harper is at high school, moving no longer has the same appeal.

Even with her mum’s amazing skills at settling them in – finding a new favourite coffee spot, sorting out the best school, and tracking down the local dance studio, Harper is already reminding herself that they won’t be there for long, so it doesn’t matter anyway.

Harper wants her life to change, but when it is tipped upside down, she would do absolutely anything to have it back how it used to be.

Harper is an authentic character, living a different kind of life. This was instantly appealing as I wondered where the story would take me. I felt for Harper as she was now wanting to make some real friends, those she could keep and enjoy. Her frustration soon turns to grief and then anger throughout the novel, trying to keep herself strong. I love the cover too! 

Believable. Heartbreaking.

(Moving, Dance, New School, Bullying, Bully, Friendship, Grief, Loss, Change, Realism)


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