Space Jackers (1)

Author – Huw PowellSpacejackers (#1)

Age – 8+

Jake Cutler was just a baby when he was left at a cyber-monk monastery by a strange injured man. The only clue to Jake’s past is an amulet encrusted with 3 crystals which hangs around his neck.

On his 11th birthday, his past finds him in a fiery attack on the monks. He flees to the nearest space port and with the help of an infamous fortune seeker he escapes the planet he grew up on. But little do they know, the cargo ship they’ve hidden on is a pirate ship – the Captain, Granny Leatherhead – an eye-patched, no-nonsense woman, is the leader of the Space Dogs.

Instantly locked up, Jake and his new acquaintances wonder what will happen to them. They are about to embark on the adventure of their lives. Space monsters, black holes, the evil Intergalactic Army and even other pirates are part of their adventure, not to mention a purple skinned alien and their search for a hidden planet with more wealth than all the other planets together!

Fantastic! Pumped with action, adventure, an orphan (or is he?), aliens and a family betrayal, this first book in the Space Jackers series is perfect for thrill seekers.

(Pirates, Space, Aliens, Friendship, Adventure, Action, Humour, Series)


The Time Museum

29102874Author/Illustrator – Matthew Loux

Graphic Novel

Age – 8+

Delia Bean loves science, facts, history – everything. Her Uncle thinks she is definitely smart enough to apply for an internship at an amazing Earth Time Museum. It holds Earth’s history (past, present and future.)

Uncle Lyndon tells her that he is in fact a time traveler and curator of the museum and he wants her to join 5 others from different times in history to go through 3 tests to determine who will work at the museum. This is better than Delia’s wildest dreams for her future.

Their tasks include finding specimens, spotting things, people, objects etc that don’t belong in that time and capturing them and learning about important historical events. Delia soon makes friends but when something goes terribly wrong, Delia is to blame.

Will she lose her friends and her chance at her dream job?

Fantastic full colour illustrations and intriguing adventures!

(Science, Time Travel, Graphic Novel, Friendship, Competition, Cooperation, Trust, Series)

Rose Raventhorpe investigates Black Cats and Butlers

Author – Janine Beacham31348161

Age 8+

When something happens to Rose Raventhorpe’s beloved butler and friend Argyle, she is devastated. Strange things begin to happen in her Victorian city of Yorke and she is intrigued by the missing cat statues that Argyle told her are protecting the city.

A prophecy says if the cats disappear, terrible things will befall Yorke. Determined to find Argyle’s killer, Rose discovers a secret society, a labyrinth of tunnels below Yorke and a mystery that must be solved.

Any young mystery fans will love Rose’s adventures. This is the first in a series. 

Trapped (Shipwrecked 3)

ER – BOD25689003

Author – S A Bodeen

Age – 8+

(This is the 3rd in this series)

….Sarah and Marco have found his missing brother and her missing dad, but have no way to release them from capture. But the one person that can free them says he can’t. When he tries to explain and shows them why, they can’t believe their eyes.  He needs something and they may have it, so Marco strikes a deal.

But can they get Yvonna off the island in time. She is very sick and getting worse. And then they see a sail! Are they going to be rescued?

The third in this exciting series which takes the reader through twists and turns to leave them wanting more….now!

Shipwreck Island / Lost / Trapped / Found (out April 17)

(Island, Shipwreck, Blended family, Courage, Alien, History)


ER – BOD22718677

Author – S A Bodeen

Age – 8+

(This is the 2nd in a series)

Sarah, Marco, Nacho, Yvonna and John have been shipwrecked on an island after going on a holiday cruise aboard a supposedly luxury yacht. They’ve had a terrible first night on the beach, seen incredibly weird creatures and found an abandoned dwelling. Thrown together on this ‘holiday/honeymoon, Sarah, Marco and Nacho (brothers) are forced to get to know each other after their parents got married, and they have to work together to survive.

Now they’ve found a girl, who tells them an incredible story which is very hard to believe. She was kidnapped by someone called The Curator and she escaped. She’s been left on the island by people who’ve kidnapped her grandfather and his boat. They are looking for something…..

This fantastic series continues with more and more intrigue. Lost is preceded by Shipwreck Island and followed by Trapped and Found.

(Island, Shipwreck, Friendship, Blended family, Series, Intrigue)

Shipwreck Island

ER – BOD18525730

Author – S A Bodeen

Age – 8+

(This is the 1st in a series)

Sarah isn’t happy about her Dad remarrying and then bringing his new wife Yvonna and her two boys Marco (12) and Nacho (11) to live with them. Things are even worse when her Dad decides to take all of them on their honeymoon to a tropical island near Fiji.

The plane trip is long, the ‘luxury’ yacht he’s hired far from luxurious, and her seasickness tops off the worst ‘holiday’ ever. But things are about to get a whole lot worse. A storm is coming – fast. They hunker down below deck as the skipper tries to take the boat through it. But when the seas calm and the sun comes out, the truth is there for all to see. They are shipwrecked on an island, their skipper gone and the yacht wrecked beyond repair. Can it get any worse? Yes! Strange creatures, screams in the night and a weird red orb in the sky. Will they survive?

What a fantastic start to a series! I thought this would be another shipwreck, get to know each other story, but it goes far beyond that and more. This series continues with Lost, Trapped, and Found.

(Island, Blended family, Holiday, Tropical Island, Fear, Series)

Pocket Pirates (4) The Great Treasure Hunt

The Great Treasure Hunt (Pocket Pirates 04)Author – Chris Mould

Illustrator – Chris Mould

Age – 6+

Captain Crabsticks isn’t happy about the lack of treasure they have. How can they be real pirates without treasure! Lily and Button set out into the danger of the junk shop to search for treasure.

The skirting board mice are soon after them, forcing them to find a hiding place quick! Just when they think they are safe, the junk shop owner arrives to tidy up. Right before their eyes, Old Uncle Noggin and their beloved ship in a bottle home are in terrible danger!

Can they save them, and what about the treasure they seek?

Another great adventure for these tiny pirates. The illustrations are fantastic! I love this series!

(Pirates, Adventure, Ship in a Bottle, Danger, Surprise. Series)