Edge of Extinction (1)

ER – MAREdge of Extinction

Author – Laura Martin

Age -8+

Sky Mundy and her best friend Shawn live in a warren of underground concrete bunkers built to house the human race. 150 years before, scientists resurrected dinosaurs just like on Jurassic Park, but this time they weren’t confined to an island. Along with the dinosaurs, an ancient virus returns which is responsible for wiping out 95% of human life.

Now they live under Noah – a man who rules the compounds and is said to have been responsible for saving what was left of the human race.

Sky hates being in the compound and unknown to the marines who ‘protect’ them, she sneaks outside every time there is a military plane drop of supplies. She is checking for any information about her missing father that might be held on the info pods that arrive from other compounds. Her friend Shawn hates her going outside as she is at the mercy of any roaming dinosaurs that might be about. Everyone knows that you can’t survive outside.

Edge of Extinction is a Dystopian novel for younger readers with plenty of dinosaurs to escape, defeat or even eat. Think Hunger Games – a brave heroine protagonist with a mission and two boys who want to protect her, and Jurassic Park with its wonder and fear of dinosaurs. Great read. Will definitely follow this series.

(Action, Adventure, Dystopian, Family, Friendship, Secret Society, Courage, Bunker, Series)

After the Snow

TEEN CRO20319095

Author – S D Crockett

Age – 13+

The icecaps have melted. There are no longer warm sea currents but seemingly endless winters.
Willo hides in the snow, watching his family being taken away by soldiers. Where are they being taken? Why? When he begins his search, he meets Mary, a 13yr old from the city. She’s been hiding in the mountains too – away from the filth, endless hunger, guns and control of the city police. They end up back in the city as Willo continues his search, but he finds things he never knew about his father. He is the leader of an underground following of people who believe there is a better life away from what they know. A return to how it was before…

(Future, Family, Poverty, Future, Dystopian, Revolution)

Insurgent (Divergent 2)

TEEN ROT13480671

Author – Veronica Roth

Age – 13+

Insurgent begins where Divergent left off – where Tris and Tobias have escaped after stopping the simulation that turned whole factions into gun wielding zombies, being totally under control by the leader of the Erudite.
They find shelter with others that have escaped the simulation including the factionless.
But now with the factions split apart, uncertainty reigns.
The Erudite leader (Jeanine) is determined to find all the Divergents. Will Tris defeat her again?

This second part in this trilogy will leave after with a shocking finale….

(Series, Love, Guilt, Uncertainty, Secret, Murder, Dystopian)

Allegiant (Divergent 3)

TEEN ROT18710190

Author – Veronica Roth

Age – 12+

The final part of this trilogy.

Allegiant is told in two points of view – Tobias (Four) and Tris.

The truth has been exposed (In Insurgent) via a video of a woman called Edith Prior. Everyone in the city Tobias and Tris and their families grew up in are part of an experiment. They were from the outside – their memories wiped (reset). Edith says that human history was full of wars and they were put there to reproduce and produce Divergents to help humankind to fix itself.

Are they inside a fence. What is outside?

The third in the Divergent Trilogy, everything is revealed and not what you will expect. Will human prejudice prevail even in our future?

(Prejudice, Action, Blended Family, Courage, Conflict, Dystopian, Romance, Future, Experiment, Series)

Anomaly (Anomaly 1)

TEEN MCG16124145

Author – Krista McGee

Age – 12+

A cross between The Giver and The Divergent series….

Thalli is part of an underground world where children (including herself) have been genetically engineered. There is no sickness, no emotions, and no inquisitiveness. But Thalli knows she’s different – an Anomaly. And her life (and all she knows) is never going to be the same again.

A thinly veiled Christian religion theme runs through this story, but doesn’t detract from it.

(Action, Betrayal, Blended Family, Bullying, Conflict, Courage, Dystopian, Friendship, Future)

Divergent (Divergent 1)

TEEN ROT13335037

Author – Veronica Roth

Age – 14+

This is the 1st in a series.

Beatrice lives in a world where there are four factions. Candor – where the members value honesty and see everything as black and white. Erudite – books and computers & knowledge – Amity- Peace and happiness – Abnegation – whose members wear only grey, are selfless and giving, and Dauntless – whose members value bravery, strength and are pierced tattooed and clothed in black.
When Beatrice turns 16 she is given a choice – stay with her family and Abnegation or leave them forever and choose another faction. When she is tested for what she is suited to best, she is told she is Divergent. This is a very dangerous thing to be and she is told to hide her result.

When she finally makes her choice, it brings her the freedom she has been searching for, first love, and danger.

An excellent series that has given The Hunger Games series some serious competition.


TEEN REI18722924

Author – Nicola Reilly

Age – 12+

This is the 1st book in a series.

Coe lives on an island that is covered by the rising tides every night. They count their days and lives by tides. When the tides rise, they all clamber onto a concrete platform away from the Scribblers which attack them if they are in the water.

Coe only has one hand as she lost her other in a scribbler attack. Many of the others call her Scribbler Bait but are amazed how she survived.

It is a time of survival and there are less than 500 people left. No-one is sad when one of them is swept off the platform by a wave, or attacked by a scribbler from under the sand where they have learnt to hide, as the food they have been handed out has run out. Now, they have to survive on nothing but fish.

There is no place for emotions in this place in earth’s future, especially the emotion of love….

Clever story as it is set in the future with the concrete platform built by someone in our time, who predicted the rising oceans.

(Conflict, Courage, Grief, Betrayal, Series, Secret, Dystopian, Environment, Love, Royalty, Post Apocalypse, Future)