Timeless – Diego and the Rangers of the Vastlantic

Author – Armand Baltazar23354816

Age – 9+

Imagine a world where all of Earth’s history is thrown together in a tumble of times. Victorian, Art Deco, Steam, Dinosaurs, Airships, the present and the future – all mixed up by a singe cosmic event. This is the world that Diego Ribera lives in.

His father Santiago Ribera is a brilliant mechanical engineer and for Diego’s 13th birthday he is given 3 gifts – one being the understanding of a mysterious inherited gift, and part of the reason for his father’s sought after skills.

When his father is kidnapped, Diego is determined to find him, especially after an argument between them. He is thrown into an adventure with dinosaurs, technology, pirates and three other teens in a quest to get his father and his engineering team back.

What results are the Rangers of the Vastlantic, four teens from different times, working together with their special skills to save the world as they now know it.

Bursting with sumptuous illustrations from the talented Armand Baltazar, who has worked for Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks as a director and artist. There is plenty of action, great character developments, steam gadgets, intrigue and mystery to keep any reader glued to the page – except the illustrations are so good, you want to stay looking at them! FANTASTIC!

(Action, Friendship, Steampunk, Kidnap, Pirates, Dinosaurs,




Garbage Night

Author / Illustrator – Jen Lee34130220

Age – 10+             (Graphic Novel)

There are many stories out there about zombies, aliens or viruses wiping out humankind. This isn’t one of those, but tells the story of some animals who have been left behind after such events. Simon (dog), and his friends Cliff (Racoon), and Reynard (Deer) are hungry. They are waiting for garbage night, so they can raid the bins like they always have. But garbage nights seems to have vanished along with the humans.

Barnaby is looking for food too and they soon team up with him to travel to the next town. But Barnaby is sneaky, slowly working his way between fellow dog Simon and his friends, even purposefully putting them in danger. Simon has to make a choice. Hang out with new Barnaby who knows stuff and is cool, or stick with his old mates.

With muted colour illustations, larger font, and a simpler drawing style, this graphic novel will suit younger readers. The theme of loyalty and friendship suits everyone.

(Friendship, Dystopian, Graphic Novel)

How to Bee

Author – Bren MacDibble34341687

Age – 10+

Peony lives in a world where bees no longer exist and all pollinating and pest control is done by hand in orchards. She lives with her grandpa and older sister Mags in a tin shed, earning their living by working in the orchard. Peony, and Mags are ‘Pests’, killing pests as they find them. But Peony wants to be a ‘Bee’, climbing the trees and using special sticks to pollinate the flowers. At 9, she is one year too young, but she tries out anyway.

When her mum returns from the city, telling her of money to be made and lovely places to live, Peony doesn’t want to know. Although poor, they are happy in the orchard. But Mum won’t take no for an answer.

The city is like nothing Peony has ever seen, with a toilet inside, water that comes out of the wall, and lovely soft beds. But the work is long and the daughter of the house is incredibly spoiled. An unlikely friendship builds, Peony needing help to get home, and Esmeralda needing courage to leave her grand house.

This is a wonderful story of friendship, determination, and the power of family. Loved it!

(Climate change, Family, Abuse, Courage, Future, Friendship)

The Time Museum

29102874Author/Illustrator – Matthew Loux

Graphic Novel

Age – 8+

Delia Bean loves science, facts, history – everything. Her Uncle thinks she is definitely smart enough to apply for an internship at an amazing Earth Time Museum. It holds Earth’s history (past, present and future.)

Uncle Lyndon tells her that he is in fact a time traveler and curator of the museum and he wants her to join 5 others from different times in history to go through 3 tests to determine who will work at the museum. This is better than Delia’s wildest dreams for her future.

Their tasks include finding specimens, spotting things, people, objects etc that don’t belong in that time and capturing them and learning about important historical events. Delia soon makes friends but when something goes terribly wrong, Delia is to blame.

Will she lose her friends and her chance at her dream job?

Fantastic full colour illustrations and intriguing adventures!

(Science, Time Travel, Graphic Novel, Friendship, Competition, Cooperation, Trust, Series)

Cell 7


Author – Kerry Drewery29864658

Age – 14+ (Language)

Martha has 7 days to live – the only thing that can save her are the voting public who rely on a TV show ‘Death is Justice’ to give them the information they need to save or condemn her.

Society is no longer ruled by courts and sentences handed down after a fair trial. Criminals are ‘processed’ through a set of 7 cells over 7 days, the last containing an electric chair in front of a viewing platform where people can view the execution of criminals.

Martha has no hope of surviving. She admitted to shooting a popular celebrity – Jackson Paige. But did she? And why would she lie? She has to endure a smaller cell each day, thinking of why she is there and how that maybe she can make a difference. But she’s relying on someone outside to carry out their part of the plan. Will they go through with it or has she made a terrible mistake?

Cell 7 has a great concept, especially with social media becoming a huge part in modern life. Will it ever come to this – deciding someone’s fate through popular opinion? Could it ever function corruption free?

Another great read from the author of ‘A Brighter Fear’

(Future, Crime, Social Media, Murder, Love)


TEEN – SUThttps://i2.wp.com/media.bloomsbury.com/rep/f/9781408866245.jpg

Author – William Sutcliffe

Age – 15+ (Swearing, violence, sexual references)

In the (not so distant) future, London is experiencing rioting and looting after a drug called Concentr8 has been taken off the market. Most of the rioters are people who’ve been on the drug for years. Blaze and his friends watch the riots from the edges but don’t join in. But the fires, the noise and the excitement on rioter’s faces as they strip stores of goods – rubs off on them and completely at random they kidnap a man leaving work for the day. It wasn’t planned – it just happens.

This story is told in multiple viewpoints from the teens themselves to the journalist covering the story, London’s mayor keen to make himself look good in the face of this turmoil and the hostage himself who’s still trying to figure out why?

It was fascinating looking into the minds of these teens who have been drugged for years for their ADHD. But did they actually have it in the first place, or was it just to keep them quiet, or even to make their drug addicted parents some money?

Thought provoking.

(ADHD, Rioting, Multiple viewpoints, Drugs, London, Loyalty)


TEEN LAN9575046

Author – Mike Lancaster

Age – 12+

This is the 1st in a series

Sometime in the future a collection of tapes are found. They are recordings made by Kyle Straker about what has happened to him and his friend Lilly. He has taped over his dad’s Dire Straits tapes to tell his story.
The entire human race has been taken over – or so it seems at first. Is it an alien invasion or something else? Reminiscent of ‘The Matrix’, the human race has been reprogrammed – upgraded to 1.0 leaving a handful of humans at operating system 0.4. Kyle is one of these few and struggles to deal with this new reality. He is invisible to his family and all those he knew and loved.

I read this in one sitting – I was gripped by the story and the unique way it dealt with this idea. The sequel is called 1.4 but this can be read on its own.

(Aliens, Future, Friendship, Conflict, Courage, Series)