I woke up dead at the mall

Author – Judy Sheehan22005713

Age – 14+

Sarah is dead. How can this be? She was at her father’s wedding. Life was good. Sure she’d lost her mum and her dad became a workaholic and they’d drifted apart. But then Karen came along and she mended the hurts and the the distance between Sarah and her dad. And they were getting married.

How did she die? And what is this place she has ended up in? It looks like a shopping mall, but there are weird people walking around with no light in their eyes, mumbling to themselves and taking absolutely no notice of her when she asks them – what the heck is going on? Is she really dead? And why is she still wearing the gross coral coloured fluffy bridesmaid’s dress. Could she at least wear something else for all eternity?

Humour, ghosts, angels, murder, revenge, love, and a mission to achieve, I woke up Dead at the Mall is an entertaining read. It sure made me look at things like sunshine, good company, friends, family and the simple things in life in a whole different way.

(Funny, Humour, First love, Angels, Friendship)


Pieces of You

Author – Eileen Merriman34660764

Age – 15+

Rebecca hates her new school and new home far away from her friends in another city. She’s lonely and lost. When invited to a party, she goes to try and make friends and maybe fit in a little more. But on the way home, drunk and alone she encounters a group of boys where one of them takes advantage of her condition. She escapes before she it goes too far but is left with feelings of intense grief, loneliness and guilt that it was her fault. She begins to cut herself.

But then there is Cory Marshall. He is the boy next door, friendly, handsome and he makes her laugh. Over a shared love of books and poetry, they become friends and then a couple. But the boy that hurt her is one of Cory’s friends and she can’t be anywhere he is. Every time she bails on Cory (parties and school ball), he gets more confused and then angry with her. But Cory is dealing with his own demons – meeting his birth mother and learning who and what his birth father is.

Eileen Merriman is new to the NZ Teen Fiction stage after winning many awards for other writing. Pieces of you is a stunning teen debut. The characters are real, believable and well written and any fans of David Levithan, Jon Green or Jandy Nelson will love them.

(Romance, Adoption, Truth, Cutting, NZ Author, New Zealand, School, Ball, Kiwi)


Author – Teri Terry31298617

Age – 12+

(This is the 1st in a series)

16 yr old Shay (Sharona) is being teased about her full name again.  When she fights back, leaving the bully on the floor, she flees bumping into a noticeboard on the way out. She snatches up flyers she has knocked off and escapes. When she is free, she opens the scrunched flyers and one of them shows a face she recognises. It is a photo of 11 yr Calista Tanzer, missing for a year. There is a contact number beneath the photo and Shay rings to say she has seen Calista.

1 year before, on a bike trail, Shay had noticed the young girl walking alone. She’d asked if she was ok then saw her get into a car with a man. Calista’s grieving brother (Kai) answers Shay’s call and wants to know everything she can remember and comes to see where his little sister was seen.

At the same time, some sort of virus seems to spreading through Scotland – fast. And it’s no ordinary sickness. It involves a temperature and pain – lots of pain. Is Calista part of this contagion?

Contagion is a thrill-ride that builds in intensity as Shay and Kai get to know each other, following anything they can find out about Calista’s last movements. It takes Shay to hell and back while people they know die around them. But where did the contagion come from and was it an experiment? 

(Series, Love, Contagion, Experiment, Death, Revenge, Mystery)


TEEN – JAC30037870

Author – Tiffany D Jackson

Age – 15+

Mary B Addison was 9 when she killed 3 mth old Alyssa Richardson – allegedly. After spending time in ‘baby jail’ Mary is now 16 and in a girl’s group home, with an ankle bracelet to keep track of her. Life has been tough and Mary trusts no-one – not even her mother who visits her regularly.

Mary loved Alyssa and would never have killed her, and it’s only when she becomes pregnant herself (with the promise that her baby will be taken from her at birth), that she begins to tell the truth. With help from uncertain places she even reignites her dream to go to College (University).

But she is still wary of people and their motives, and suddenly she realises she wasn’t wary enough. The tension increase where it’s not just her and her baby’s future at stake, but both of their lives.

Allegedly has a very easy reading style as you get to know Mary. But do you trust her yourself? An amazing debut novel.

(Murder, Crime, Infanticide, Lies, Secret, Pregnancy, Courage)

Allegiant (Divergent 3)

TEEN ROT18710190

Author – Veronica Roth

Age – 12+

The final part of this trilogy.

Allegiant is told in two points of view – Tobias (Four) and Tris.

The truth has been exposed (In Insurgent) via a video of a woman called Edith Prior. Everyone in the city Tobias and Tris and their families grew up in are part of an experiment. They were from the outside – their memories wiped (reset). Edith says that human history was full of wars and they were put there to reproduce and produce Divergents to help humankind to fix itself.

Are they inside a fence. What is outside?

The third in the Divergent Trilogy, everything is revealed and not what you will expect. Will human prejudice prevail even in our future?

(Prejudice, Action, Blended Family, Courage, Conflict, Dystopian, Romance, Future, Experiment, Series)

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

TEEN TUC12930909

Author – April Genevieve Tucholke

Age – 14+

Violet and Luke live alone in a huge mansion on the edge of cliffs overlooking the ocean. The mansion was built by her grandparents when they were rich. Her grandparents were now gone and the money gone before that, leaving them with artist parents following their muse abroad and leaving them to their own devices.

When they are short of money for groceries, power and living, Violet rents out the guesthouse. Soon after, the mysterious River West arrives, with a wad of money, a nice smile and something that Violet cannot resist – but she can’t pin him down to his past life or family.

Who is this mysterious boy and is he connected to the disappearance of a girl from the town?

This story starts off slow and atmospheric, but steadily builds to a gruesome finale. I was hooked early and will be keen to read the next in the series…

(Devil, Romance, Mystery, Good vs Evil, Siblings, Family)

Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares

TEEN COH9649873

Author – Rachel Cohn & David Levithan

Age – 15+

“I’ve left some clues for you.
If you want them, turn the page.
If you don’t, put the book back on the shelf, please.”

Lily has left a red notebook full of challenges on a favourite bookstore shelf, (The Strand), waiting for just the right guy to come along and accept its dares. Dash is the guy who finds it, but is he the right guy for Lily?

He is as intrigued as Lily is as they leave clues about where to go next and where to leave the notebook – with another set of clues.

By pure chance Dash finally meets Lily, and it doesn’t go well. Will they be together after all?

This is a sweet story because the two characters are so honest with eachother within their scribbles in the journal, with no inhibitions. When they are face to face, things are a little different.

Well worth a read.

(Romance, Friendship, Mystery, Growing up)