Life of the Party (The Susie K Files 1)

Author – Shamini FlintSusie K 1.jpg

Illustrator – Sally Heinrich

Age – 6+

Susie is a problem solver. She loves science, animals and working things out. There are problems like her full name – Susanna Saathiavanni Kanagaratnam-Smith that she can’t do anything about, but there are other problems like how to get invited to the party of the most popular girl in school.

Susie doesn’t really like parties, but her mum is worried about her not being social enough and has threatened to go to school to complain and ask why.

Using science, her best friend (the class goldfish George), and her desire to make her mum stop worrying about her, Susie solves the problem.

The 1st in a funny new series by the author of the Diary of a Soccer Stop, Cricket God etc series, The Susie K Files is sure to be just as popular. Full of speech bubbles, text and quirky drawings, this series is perfect for problem solvers and budding scientists like Susie.

(Science, Problem, Popular, Geek, Family, Sri Lankan, Humour, Funny)



Author – M A Bennett35154365

Age – 12+

Greer MacDonald has a scholarship to the exclusive British School S.T.A.G.S.

She doesn’t have any friends, so when she is invited to Longcross Hall, the home of one of the most popular prefects; she believes her luck is finally changing.

Wined and dined along with two other ‘unpopular’ students, Chanel and Shafeen, Greer enjoys the attention. But something’s not quite right. The Hunting, Shooting and Fishing weekend they have been promised turns macabre, and Greer is swimming for her life…

A thriller that twists and turns. Who is on Greer’s side? Who can she trust? With references to movies throughout the novel (Greer’s father is a cameraman), this novel contrasts between the now (technology) and the then of the Aristocrat (servants, and an age-old order). Great read.

(Popularity, Change, Technology, Suicide, Cult, School)



Funny Kid (1) For President

Author – Matt Stanton35284578

Age – 7+

Max and Hugo’s teacher doesn’t like them very much – but Mr Armstrong doesn’t really like any of his students. When he and Max have an argument about a poo found in the storeroom, they both end up in front of the principal.

Principal Sniggles is very small, and very old, and not to be messed with! When she learns there is no class president in Max’s class, she instructs Mr Armstrong to ensure there are elections in his class very soon.

Max decides he’s going to run for president. But he’s not handsome or funny or sporty or smart like the other candidates. How will he convince his classmates to vote for him? He’s funny! And so this is a story about a horrible teacher, a crazy campaign, and a small annoying, duck.

Full of simple black and white illustrations and cartoons, this is the first in this hilarious series about Max – a very funny kid.

(Humour, School, Election, Class President, Being yourself, Identity)


Polly and Buster (1) The Wayward Witch and the Feelings Monster

Author/Illustrator – Sally RippenImage result for the wayward witch and the feelings monster

Age – 7+

Polly just can’t get her spells right. She’s laughed at, at witch school and her only friend is her neighbour Buster. But Buster is a monster and witch-monster friendships are a no-no.

One day on a school trip, her witch class runs into Buster’s monster class. When Polly ignores Buster, his secret is out. He feels things very strongly. When he feels sad he shrinks and looks grey. Polly sees his classmates teasing him and he’s so sad and small. She goes to his rescue and suddenly sparks are flying from her fingers! Can she do spells after all?

This is a story of friendships and popularity (especially at school), and which one is more important. Polly has to make a choice, and she does – but is it the right one?

I really liked this new story from the author of Billie B Brown and Hey Jack. It’s going to be a great series!


Image result for stargirl jerry spinelli book cover

Author – Jerry Spinelli

Age -10+

(This has teen characters but is perfectly suitable for 10+)

A girl comes out of nowhere to school. They say she’s been home schooled. She has a pet rat she calls Cinnamon who goes everywhere with her. She sings happy birthday to people in the cafeteria on their special day and leaves anonymous gifts for people in town. At first she’s mysterious and intriguing. Then she’s captivating in her caring, kind ways. Instead of watching her, students begin following her, copying the things she does. But soon the positivity that was so infectious in the beginning, becomes negativity after events they unjustly blame on her. Stargirl hardly seems to notice, calm and content with her magical individuality. And then she’s gone….

Another spellbinding story from this multi award winning US author. If only we could all be like Stargirl….

(Individuality, Friendship, Crush, School, Popularity)

Beat the Band


Author – Don Calame

Age – 15+

This is the 2nd in this series (can read on its own)

Cooper Redmond has one goal for his sophomore year. Hit third base with the girls. But his high (and amusing) opinion of himself is not shared by such girls. When he is paired up with the least popular girl (Helen) in school for a Health project – he is sure his chances with the girls have been dashed forever. When he sees a flyer for Battle of the Bands he decides that winning it will be the only way to claim back his kudos. There are a few problems with his idea. His mates don’t want to do it, they suck when they play, and there is no escaping the Health project. But… his (ex-band member) Dad vows to help, and Cooper slowly discovers Helen isn’t the girl he thought she was.

This was a hilarious, light, entertaining read. Although one-track minded, the main character does redeem himself in a brilliant way by the end of the book. This story makes me want to read more by this author. Guys and girls will laugh all the way through.

(Popularity, Relationships, Friends, School, Music, Series)

Bowl like the Devil


Author – Bob Cattell

Age – 9+

Tyrone loves playing cricket, but wishes he was a better player. One day while practising at the nets, he meets Nick – a short strange man with a shaved head and a white goatee. Nick gives him some bowling advice and suddenly Ty is an amazing bowler. He becomes the star of the team and is instantly popular at school. His mate Christiano has always been the best batsman and they begin to clash when Ty is recruited for a County team. Along the way, the strange Nick is constantly in the background. Who is he? Where did he come from and why does he suddenly want payment for his advice? Tyrone has to figure out what is more important – Fame of friendship?

(Sports, Cricket, Friendship, Popularity, School, Rivalry, Choices)