Funny Kid (1) For President

Author – Matt Stanton35284578

Age – 7+

Max and Hugo’s teacher doesn’t like them very much – but Mr Armstrong doesn’t really like any of his students. When he and Max have an argument about a poo found in the storeroom, they both end up in front of the principal.

Principal Sniggles is very small, and very old, and not to be messed with! When she learns there is no class president in Max’s class, she instructs Mr Armstrong to ensure there are elections in his class very soon.

Max decides he’s going to run for president. But he’s not handsome or funny or sporty or smart like the other candidates. How will he convince his classmates to vote for him? He’s funny! And so this is a story about a horrible teacher, a crazy campaign, and a small annoying, duck.

Full of simple black and white illustrations and cartoons, this is the first in this hilarious series about Max – a very funny kid.

(Humour, School, Election, Class President, Being yourself, Identity)


Evil Emperor Penguin Strikes back

Author/ Illustrator – Laura Ellen Anderson33637875

Age – 8+       Graphic Novel

At the bottom of the world lives Mr Eight (an Octopus), Eugene (a fluffy white minion) and the Evil Emperor Penguin who always has another plan for world domination. Luckily for the world he’s particularly bad at it.

He tries being a computer hacker, shrinking the human race, stealing the world’s art masterpieces to capture world leaders, all the while his nemesis Evil Cat getting in the way or Eugene and and best friend Keith (a pink flying unicorn) making things better.

This dastardly penguin is hilariously hopeless in every scheme he pulls. Great fun.

(Funny, Humour, Friendship, Evil plans, Graphic Novel)

Phoebe and her Unicorn

Author / Illustrator – Dana Simpson22710140

Age – 7+     (Graphic Novel)

When Phoebe is practicing her stone skimming one day, she accidentally hits a unicorn standing on the other side of the pond. She actually did it a favour, as every time it sees its reflection it is caught up in gazing at itself. It allows her one wish.

Infinity more wishes?    No.
Infinity more dollars?    No.
Super Powers?             Be more realistic.
You have to be my best friend

– and so… this is how a unicorn called Marigold Heavenly Nostrils becomes Phoebe’s best friend.

Phobe’s day to day life as a 10 year old, with a school nemesis and boring, embarrassing parents – mixed with an incredibly vain and sarcastic unicorn, make this really funny. Also included in the back of the book are unicorn activities. Looking forward to more in the series.

(Graphic Novel, Humour, Friendship, School, Family)

Star Scouts (1)

Author / Illustrator – Mike Lawrence25064686

Age – 8+        (Graphic Novel)

On the way home from Flower Scouts one night, Avani is abducted by an alien. No one is more surprised than she is, but she quickly learns that her new alien friend Mabel is a scout too. But Mabel’s badges are for exciting things like robots, jetpacks, and teleporting, not things like make up, party and songs, like at her dreaded Flower Scouts.

Using a translating and communication device, Mabel can teleport Avani to her planet any time they like and Avani spends a lot of time with her new friend. When Mabel tells her about Star Scout Camp, Avani is keen to go. But she needs a signed form from her dad. As soon as she has bypassed that problem, she is off to camp with Mabel and the other alien Star Scouts.

It isn’t long before she makes an enemy. Pam is a Methane breather and hears Avani call her a Toot breather. A badge competition is soon the only way to compete. The loser is to be kicked out of Star Scouts. But these are the best friends Avani has ever had, who allow her to be herself. How will she ever beat a giant alien slug?

The amazing full colour illustrations full of humour, alien life, and star systems, enrich this great story about friendship, competition, being yourself and admitting when you’re wrong.

(Sci Fi, Scouts, Graphic Novel, Friendship, Competition, Humble, Determination, Series)

Jim Reaper 3 – The Glove of Death

Author – Rachel Delahaye34455781

Illustrator – Jamie Littler

Age 8+

Jim is in his father’s study again – strictly against the rules. But he’s intrigued with his dad’s job and wants to find out more. The Death Dictionary is his favourite, telling him about all sorts of things to do with Dad’s occupation as a Grim Reaper. One day he looks up gloves, because there is a special glass glass with a white glove in it and it goes with his dad when he’s working and it stays in the box when he’s not. Jim is intrigued. He finds : The Glove of Death – how scary and cool is that!

But when he borrows it to raise some money for a DVD he wants, things go terribly wrong – so wrong, there are dead people all over his neighbourhood and it’s all his fault!

He’s got to fix things before Mum gets home, before Dad finds out and before any more people drop dead!

A white glove, a black cat and a very red face! The Glove of Death is another funny story in this series about a young boy and his Dad – The Grim Reaper. You don’t have to read No. 2 to enjoy this episode – but the first in the series – Jim Reaper – Son of Grim is a must!

(Humour, Funny, Friendship, Accident, Cat, Death, Secret, Mistake)



Space Jackers (1)

Author – Huw PowellSpacejackers (#1)

Age – 8+

Jake Cutler was just a baby when he was left at a cyber-monk monastery by a strange injured man. The only clue to Jake’s past is an amulet encrusted with 3 crystals which hangs around his neck.

On his 11th birthday, his past finds him in a fiery attack on the monks. He flees to the nearest space port and with the help of an infamous fortune seeker he escapes the planet he grew up on. But little do they know, the cargo ship they’ve hidden on is a pirate ship – the Captain, Granny Leatherhead – an eye-patched, no-nonsense woman, is the leader of the Space Dogs.

Instantly locked up, Jake and his new acquaintances wonder what will happen to them. They are about to embark on the adventure of their lives. Space monsters, black holes, the evil Intergalactic Army and even other pirates are part of their adventure, not to mention a purple skinned alien and their search for a hidden planet with more wealth than all the other planets together!

Fantastic! Pumped with action, adventure, an orphan (or is he?), aliens and a family betrayal, this first book in the Space Jackers series is perfect for thrill seekers.

(Pirates, Space, Aliens, Friendship, Adventure, Action, Humour, Series)


Barking Mad

ER MOF31425408

Author – Tom Moffat

Illustrator – Paul Beavis

Age – 8+

Grandad is barking mad! Literally! He has licked the postman and is running around on his knees barking like a dog!

Finn (nicknamed Fingers because he is always dropping things) thinks Grandad is the coolest person he knows. Why does he think he is a dog? Finn and his older sister Sally soon discover what’s happened. One of Grandad’s inventions is the cause and all they have to do is find out how to use it and get it to Grandad in hospital.

But he’s been acting like a dog there too, and the hospital staff can’t cope. Grandad is going to be transferred to a higher security hospital for disturbed patients – which means Finn and Sally will never be able to break him out. They have to solve the problem, and fast!

A muddle of mix-ups and mind-swaps follow as they deal with a growling grandpa, a zealous hospital security guard and Finn’s butter fingers. Just when you think everything is going to be okay, another mix-up muddles things.

Winner of the 2015 NZ Tom Fitzgibbon Award, this is a family funny, fantastic read. Make sure you keep track of the mind-swaps or you’ll be muddled indeed.

(Award, Kiwi author, NZ, Dog, Invention, Family, Grandparent, Grandad, School, Humour)